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Is Your English Writing Harming Your Business?

Are you trying to establish your company in the marketplace?

Are you looking for venture capital and major strategic partners?

Or are you trying to win over key players, employees and CEOs, or even your Board of Directors?

On the Internet and in written communications, what you see is what you think you're going to get. Less than perfect written English can hurt you, especially if:

  • people sometimes find it difficult to understand you;
  • your poor vocabulary and grammatical errors cause people to question your intelligence and especially your credibility;
  • your language is perceived as overly aggressive or rude in an unfamiliar cultural context.
How to Communicate Without Body Language

If you speak English reasonably but rely on the help of body language and the kindness of strangers to get you through, you may have a problem. How will people react to mistakes in your written documents when there's no accent to inform them of your foreign origin?

Let Correct Me If I'm Wrong™ make sure your readers see your message, not your mistakes. They won't know that you're not a native speaker of English unless you choose to tell them.

Take a part or take apart?

No spellchecker can help you here. One little space changes the meaning entirely. Is it installment or installation? That all depends on the context.

Have Correct Me If I'm Wrong™ check your documents. We'll confer with you to ensure that what you wrote is what you meant.

Learn more about our services and prices. There's no obligation whatsoever.

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