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Rochelle Treister, CEO

Rochelle's love of learning has been the unifying theme in her choice of studies and work environments. Curiosity led her to change her direction three times immediately after high school, starting with a year of accounting training with a large Canadian accounting firm, continuing with a year of mathematics, physics and chemistry at the Hebrew University, and ultimately receiving a B.A. in liberal arts from the University of Toronto.

During her final year of undergraduate studies, Rochelle was hired by a fledgling high tech company as a novice programmer. Here she discovered that programming satisfied her love of logic and detail.

With one year of experience behind her, she moved to Jerusalem and found work in the Department of Business Administration at the Hebrew University. As she assisted professors in their research projects, she discovered that programming also offered a continuing opportunity to learn, with different clients bringing different knowledge.

In order to formalize her programming credentials after two years of work, Rochelle earned an advanced degree in computer science (MSEE) from the University of Pennsylvania. Here she stood out as one of only three women accepted in a class of 200 men.

Throughout her 35-year career as a programmer-analyst, Rochelle has worked in a remarkably broad range of industries. Wherever she has worked, whether in natural resources, finance, research and development, management consulting, telecommunications, high tech, medicine, or academia, she has always been called on to use her extraordinary facility with English.

She has written curricula, management reports, articles for publication and presentation, and patent applications; established and edited an in-house newsletter; and always served as a willing English editor for friends and colleagues. No challenge has ever been too great for her.

In 1996, Rochelle took a systems analyst position with a large high tech firm in Israel. Here too, her expertise in English shone. Senior executives asked her to review their English documents and PowerPoint presentations and native English speakers on the marcom staff turned to her to edit and proofread their press releases, brochures, and web sites. In fact, it was these frequent requests for English language assistance that led her to establish Correct Me If I'm Wrong.™

In her writing and editing, Rochelle brings her clients a wealth of varied experience in a broad range of industries and an intimate understanding of both the business world and academia. As a result, they are delighted to discover the value she adds to their business documents and scientific papers.

Sharon Farber, Senior Associate

Sharon's love of business began as soon as she could make change at the local candy store. By age 17, she was the manager of a gourmet shop in one of New Jersey's best-known shopping centers.

With practical work experience in hand, Sharon rounded out her education with a BA from Ithaca College in New York and an MBA from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Not satisfied with excelling in her Math major and Business Administration and Psychology minors, she also received the highest marks in creative writing!

During her studies, Sharon worked as a programmer, analyst and, eventually, a product manager for a major US software company. In these roles, she wrote a broad range of documents, including system specifications, business plans, and customer letters.

As Project Manager for a global Fortune 500 company, Sharon led a number of internationally focused projects. Among her favorites was managing an information repository project where she coordinated activity across five continents (and at least five languages and time zones!). No wonder she thinks of culture and language as key to communications!

More writing and many presentations were part of her senior managerial positions with two "Big Five" consulting firms in the US and Israel. Besides directing large-scale projects, Sharon frequently prepared specifications, plans, assessment reports and customer proposals.

In her writing, Sharon is always careful to keep the focus on a document's audience and the purpose of the communication. She believes that convincing and credible writing does not need to be dull or full of five-syllable words.

If you hear Sharon say "we" during a client conversation, she is not talking about Correct Me If I'm Wrong; she is speaking as a member of the client's team. She believes firmly in teamwork and works tirelessly to ensure client success.

With the variety of her background and years of business experience, Sharon always has practical recommendations to make regarding focus, content and even strategy. Her industry knowledge includes telecommunications, industrial products, healthcare, financial services and information technology.

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