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Good writing is powerful.

It can make people laugh or bring tears to their eyes. It can bring down governments and change the way things are done.

It can help build your business.
Properly chosen words can improve your marketing results, can interest potential investors, and get your message across. Well-written communication can inspire confidence in you and in your product or service.

Our clients rely on us.
We provide words that work for our clients' business plans, presentations, websites, marketing materials, correspondence, publications, and more. Our clients are businesses, private individuals, and institutions. They rely on us to help them advance their goals.

And they're happy to say so.
"As a marketer and copywriter, my business and credibility hinge greatly on polished grammar and spelling. I know Rochelle, and she will definitely make you look good. I highly recommend her."
Michel Fortin, The Success Doctor

"You are my radar, spotting every single error and allowing me to keep my credibility intact. Nothing is worse than a lack of attention to detail, especially with language. Customers are always making judgment calls on what you do, and the last thing I want is for them to detect sloppiness. What makes you different is your school teacher's eye. You are prompt, instructive, and best of all, I like the way you use modern technology. Yours is a service every business must and should use. It's a very small price and a very high return, keeping our image spotless."
Sean D'Souza, CEO Psychotactics Ltd.

You can rely on us too.
Correct Me If I'm Wrongwill write or polish your documents quickly and professionally, no matter the subject, no matter the size. You can count on us when the stakes are high.

You'll be happy you did.
We'll give your writing the power it deserves. Your business documents will be accomplished and compelling with language that is clear, correct and confident.

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